Bowie Buffalograss

Bowie BuffalograssBowie Buffalograss meets all of today’s standards for a low maintenance turfgrass. Parental clones were selected on the basis of developing a widely adapted, seeded turf-type buffalograss with excellent turf qualities. Bowie possesses medium green color, fine leaf texture, good turf density, and a low growth habit. Bowie has improved color and height uniformity, lateral growth for quicker establishment, winter hardiness, and spring green up. It is adapted to a wide area with parentage favoring the northern part of the buffalograss range. Bowie can survive the colder northern climates and dry southern climates as well.

Little Bluestem

Little Bluestem

Blue-green Summer Color, Russet Red Fall/Winter Color

This warm season bunch grass is native to 45 of the 50 states making it the most abundant of all native grasses. It grows well on uplands or lowlands over a wide range of well drained soils. Little Bluestem is used in low maintenance mixtures with other lower growing natives for recreational...

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