Patience With Wildflowers is a Virtue

In reconstructing a natural setting, it is important to remember that we cannot do in one year that which took nature many lifetimes to create. The first year can be somewhat frustrating because the visual picture you have in your mind does not always happen. The long lasting perennials sometimes take two or even three years to bloom. While a few perennials bloom the first year, we strongly recommend including annuals to guarantee color the first year. Annual wildflowers can also be used to give extra bursts of color in any year!

We must stress that weed competition is the number one cause of failure. Taking weed control measures before you plant is the best and easiest way to create an environment for successful establishment.

Patience will be rewarded by the array of colorful wildflowers that will be enjoyed for many years. The display of color will change from year to year as different environmental conditions change. Some plants will go dormant while others bloom actively -- a testimony to the incredible durability of the native landscape!