Flood Advice

Q. Since broadcasting my seeds (backyard retreat mix, little bluestem blaze, and noreastern wildflower mix) in my garden/flower bed last weekend, we, in southeast Pennsylvania have had enough rain twice to cause standing water of a few inches, for 2-3 days at a time a few days apart in parts of the garden/ flower bed. Will the seeds grow, rot or need to be reseeded? What do you suggest? Thank you - Renee Essary

I think you should be fine. The seeds you planted more than likely had not germinated yet. As long as the seeds did not wash away, I believe they will germinate and grow. However, if you continue to have spots that do not drain, there may be problems. My suggestion is to see what you get this year and if those spots seem to have suffered because of those rains and standing water, you can re-seed those areas this fall in a dormant seeding or next spring. Thanks!

Q. What type of grasses will handle a drainage way that often has water standing for 48-60 hours until it drains?

Western Wheatgrass has a tolerance of up to 60 DAYS. Red Top, Switchgrass, and Canada Wildrye can hold out for 15 - 30 DAYS. Big Bluestem, 7 - 14 DAYS. We have a floodplain mixture that has all of the above grasses. You can view this mixture at http://www.stockseed.com/mixes_product_display.asp?pid=442.