Grasses Advice

Q. Friends in KS have very tall grasses (clump type) they refer to as


We do have Indiangrass available. I would suggest either our NE 54 or Scout varieties for maximum height. I don't know if they will reach 10 feet tall, but once established they should make 6-7 feet tall on a regular basis. Currently, NE54 is $10.50/PLS lb and Scout is $11.00/PLS lb. Scout will establish faster and have better forage quality if that is something you are looking for. Thank you!

Q. I would like to plant a variety of grasses in clumps for ornamental/edging purposes. What varieties would you suggest I order for my region and this purpose? The driveway will be lined with regular lawn grass and underground sprinkers and the clumps of your grasses will be used as a border between the lawn/cut grass and the


Some of the more popular native grasses for ornamental uses are Prairie Dropseed, Sideoats Grama, Little Bluestem, and Blue Grama. These grasses will all have heights of 3 feet tall and less. If you would like taller grasses, Big Bluestem and Indiangrass are very attractive in ornamental seetings as well. Thank you!