Conservation Mixture

FAST establishment in waterways & ditches!

 - Conservation Mixture

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Seeding Rate: 50 lbs/acre

Use this conservation mixture for fast establishment in waterways, ditches, banks, hillsides, or other critical sites. A mix of 5 cool season grasses plus oats is perfect for quick germination and coverage with both bunchgrasses and sod-forming grasses. In areas where high water flow is possible, an erosion blanket is recommended as an extra measure to keep seed and soil in place during establishment. Plant in early spring or late summer.

Conatins: 45% Oats, 12% Smooth Bromegrass, 14% Tall Fescue, 5% Annual Ryegrass, 12% Orchardgrass and 12% Intermediate Wheatgrass. 

*Use for FAST establishment in waterways, banks, and other critical sites.