Prairie 3 Plus

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Prairie 3 Plus - Prairie 3 Plus  - Prairie 3 Plus

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Height Range: 12 - 36 inches
Seeding Rate: Broadcast: 1PLS Lb. / 3,000 sq ft | Drilled: 8 PLS Lbs. / Ac

This mixture is an excellent choice of short and mid-height, warm-season prairiegrasses that can be used for landscaping, wildlife habitat, erosion control, and especially seeding with wildflowers. The Plus stands for the small percentage of buffalograss that is added to the mix. Buffalograss is a non-aggressive, sod forming grass that will improve the rate and density of first year coverage as well as fill in bare spots in following years.

The plants range in height from 1-3 feet with Buffalograss being the shortest, followed by Blue Grama, Sideoats Grama, and Little Bluestem. These four low maintenance grasses are adapted to a very wide range of soils and climatic conditions. Drought tolerance is a common characteristic of all these grasses.

This mix will give green color in the hot summer months before changing to beautiful reds and golden browns in fall through winter.