Prairie Partners Mixture

Prairie Partners Mixture
Partners on the Prairie, now in your backyard too!

Prairie Partners Mixture - Prairie Partners Mixture

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Height Range: 4 - 10 inches
Seeding Rate: Broadcast: 1 Lb. / 1,000 sq ft | Drilled: 20-30 Lbs. / Ac

Buffalograss and Blue Grama are blended together in this mix. These perennial, native warm-season short grasses grow together on native prairies and can also grow together in your backyard! Both grasses have similar characteristics such as low, slow growth habits, minimal water and fertilizer requirements, and extreme drought tolerance. Blue Grama will however, germinate faster and green up earlier in spring. Together, these two grasses make an attractive sod with increased density and offer an economical way to cover large, outlying areas. They work especially well on light or sandy soils.