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Legumes are a family of plants (Fabaceae) that have the ability to form a symbiosis or mutually beneficial partnership with unique strains of Rhizobia bacteria to convert atmospheric nitrogen (N2) to ammonia nitrogen (NH3). Usable nitrogen is created from atmospheric nitrogen by this relationship between a growing plant and soil bacteria and is virtually free to the producer as there is little or no need to purchase nitrogen fertilizer. This additional nitrogen improves soil fertility, produces higher protein, and increases forage yields in the legume and in many cases, for crops planted in following years. Treating the seed with the proper inoculant is insurance that the proper Rhizobia bacteria are present to create a nitrogen fixing environment. Use inoculant if the legume you are seeding has never been grown in that area or if it has been more than 3 years. Each package treats 50 lbs of seed.

This product treats Crownvetch.