Creeping Foxtail

Alopecurus arundinaceus
An Introduced Cool-Season Grass For Moist Soils

 - Creeping Foxtail

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Height Range: 24 - 36 inches
Seeding Rate: Drilled: 8 PLS Lbs./Ac | Broadcast 8-10 PLS Lbs./Ac
Seeds Per Pound: 786000

Creeping Foxtail is a perennial introduced cool-season grass that spreads by seed and rhizomes. Garrison was selected from plants in North Dakota, but will perform in most Midwest states. Creeping Foxtail was likely introduced by homesteaders from eastern Germany or western Russia for pasture or hay use on wet sites. It will tolerate spring inundation and is not drought tolerant. It can be found in wet prairies, floodplains, and drainage areas in full sun. The primary uses for this grass include wildlife habitat and forage for livestock. It is considered very palatable with high protein content. Creeping Foxtail can be aggressive in areas that are too wet for other grasses to compete.  Garrison is the most common variety.