Eastern Gamagrass

Tripsacum dactyloides
A warm-season perennial tall grass for pasture or ornemtental uses

Eastern Gamagrass - Eastern Gamagrass  - Eastern Gamagrass

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Height Range: 36 - 108 inches
Seeding Rate: Broadcast: 1 PLS Lb./2,000 sq ft | Drilled: 10 - 12 PLS Lbs./Ac
Seeds Per Pound: 6000

This native warm season grass grows in clumps that can be 1-4 ft. in diameter. It is a moderately winter hardy grass found mostly in the Eastern half of the U.S. and as far west as CO. Favoring moist, heavy soils it is a very productive hay grass with vigorous re-growth, high palatability, and good nutrition. Landscaping and ornamental purposes are also served with this grass.