Slender Wheatgrass

Elymus trachycaulus
Cool season bunch grass native to the Great Plains

Slender Wheatgrass - Slender Wheatgrass  - Slender Wheatgrass

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Height Range: 24 - 36 inches
Seeding Rate: Drilled: 6-8 PLS Lbs. / Ac | Broadcast: 1 PLS Lb. / 3,000 sq ft
Seeds Per Pound: 150000

Slender Wheatgrass is a native cool season bunch grass. It has good seedling vigor and is tolerant to alkali conditions. In general this plant is short lived (2-3 years)and is not as drought resistant as Western or Crested wheatgrass. This grass is often used with native grass seedings because it comes up fast and provides erosion protection while warm-season grasses establish. Use 3-4 PLS Lbs./Ac with native grasses as a cover crop.