Western Wheatgrass

Agropyron smithii
A cool-season sod-forming grass.

Western Wheatgrass - Western Wheatgrass  - Western Wheatgrass

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Height Range: 12 - 36 inches
Seeding Rate: Broadcast: 1 PLS Lb. / 1,800 sq ft | Drilled: 12 - 15 PLS Lbs. / Ac
Seeds Per Pound: 110000

Western Wheatgrass is a native cool-season, sod forming grass that grows best on moist bottomland. It will however, establish on heavier upland soils as well. It is drought resistant and winter hardy. The stems are blue-green and the leaf blades have rough, raised veins on the upper surface. It is used in range and waterway seedings usually in a mixture.