Showy Partridge Pea

Cassia chamaecrista
Great for re-establishing disturbed sites

Showy Partridgepea - Showy Partridge Pea  - Showy Partridge Pea

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Height Range: 6 - 24 inches
Seeding Rate: 8 oz. / 1,000 sq ft
Seeds Per Pound: 50000
Colors: Yellow
Growing Season: May - July

This native warm-season legume produces beautiful showy yellow flowers on short branches with fern-like leaves. Although this plant is an annual, the seeds form in delicate pea-like pods that burst open at maturity readily reseeding for the following year. Showy Partridgepea is good for soil building, roadsides, wildlife food, and will easily establish on disturbed soil sites. This flower blooms July through September. One packet contains 8 grams.