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Seeding Rate: 1 PLS. Lb./2,000 ft2 Broadcast 10-12 PLS Lbs./Ac Drilled

This warm-season pasture mix for summer forage when cool-season pastures lose productivity. This mixture combines Bonanza Big Bluestem, Scout Indiangrass, and Trailway Sideoats Grama to offer the best possible hay and forage production in the heat of summer.

Increase animal rate of gain with the two newest releases in warm season pasture grasses. Bonanza and Scout have exceptional in vitro dry matter digestibility (IVDMD); with Trailway added as another palatable, high-quality grass that aids in stand establishment. Forage quality is best when grazed or hayed as heads start to appear. Leaving these grasses to grow to maturity will decrease palatability and forage quality. With adequate moisture or irrigation, established stands can also be grazed or cut early; then rested to provide additional forage in late summer.

Do not overgraze, as this slows or even stops root growth. This will extend recovery time and promote weed invasions. Adding 50 Lbs./Ac of Nitrogen fertilizer annually in spring will help keep plants productive. Maximum production will be achieved when used in a well-managed, rotational grazing program.