Water's Edge Mixture

A Combination of Wetland Grasses and Forbs

Water's Edge Mixture - Water's Edge Mixture  - Water's Edge Mixture

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Height Range: 24 - 60 inches
Seeding Rate: Broadcast: 1 Lb. / 1,000 sq ft | Drilled: 15 Lbs. / Ac
Colors: Blue Orange Pink Purple Red White Yellow
Growing Season: February - August

This ALL NATIVE combination of grasses and forbs is designed to hold soil along the egde of fluctuating shorelines of lakes, ponds, streams, or lagoons. It consists of 28 species that will provide soil stabilization and habitat not only in the water, but on the banks leading down to it as well. These plants will filter run-off flowing into the body of water while providing food and cover for wildlife and waterfowl.


Species included: Blue Flag Iris, Bluejoint Reedgrass, Blue Vervain, Bristley Sedge, Canada Anemone, Cardinal Flower, Common Arrowhead, Dark Green Bulrush, Fox Sedge, Frank's Sedge, Giant Bur Reed, Great Blue Lobelia, Hardstem Bulrush, Hop Sedge, Joe Pye Weed, Monkey Flower, New England Aster, Prairie Cordgrass, Rice Cut Grass, Riverbank Wildrye, Softstem Bulrush, Soft Rush, Swamp Milkweed, Sweet Flag, Tussock Sedge, Virginia Wildrye, Water Plantain, Woolgrass