Erosion Advice

Q. I've got a large large byrm composed of clay/sandy soil that needs a good ground cover erosion control, preferred perenial with some color. Suggestions?

I might suggest our Habitat Mix. It is a Wildflower/Legume mix good for soil building, erosion control, and wildlife habitat. Broadcast seeding rate is 1 pound/3500ft2. Thanks!

Q. i'am haveing an erosion problem around my pond what would be the best thing i could plant to stop erosion

Switchgrass is a good choice to stop erosion. We also have a Habitat Mixture that works very, very well to control erosion. The link for Habitat Mixture is:

Q. I need to plant some grasses in some erosion prone sites. I was considering the Prairie 3 or 7 mixtures. If I use either of this mixtures, should I add a quick growing annual grass?

A quick growing annual, such as annual ryegrass, would be fine to plant with these mixtures... and quite helpful to prevent erosion during establishment. You may also consider our habitat mixture with an even mix of the Prairie 3 or Prairie 7 as well.