Fine Fescue Blend

Blend of Hard, Chewings, Sheep, and Creeping Red Fescues

 - Fine Fescue Blend

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Seeding Rate: 4-6 lbs/1,000 sq ft
Seeds Per Pound: 420000

Tradition Fine Fescue Blend is the perfect turf for difficult-to-manage areas.

Chewings, Hard, Sheep, and Strong Creeping Red Fescues are blended for optimum performance under high turfgrass management or when planted as cover or buffer. This blend can be used in areas of full sun, partial shade, or heavy shade. Reduced mowing requirements as well as low water and fertilizer inputs means this blend provides an excellent low-maintenance turf option.

-Excellent for low to high maintenance
-Drought tolerant
-Disease resistant
-Improved wear tolerance

-Reduced water and fertilizer inputs
-Adapted to sun or shade
-Reduced mowing