Mowing Advice

Q. I have a hillside that is bare due to recent excavation. It is approximately 200 ft long x 25 ft high that we do not want to have to mow what can we plant that will grow quickly and cover this large area

There are two solutions that fit this situation. One is to plant a mixture of 3 pounds buffalograss with .5 pounds of annual rye. The annual rye will green up quickly and provide you with weed and erosion control while the buffalograss (such as Cody brand) is establishing. Another thought would be to do our Prairie 3 plus mixture... this would provide a really nice prairie setting and still stay under three feet in height. Either way, I would suggest erosion control netting after seeding as well.

Q. Can you mow paths through the prairiegrass mixtures without damaging the grass?

Short answer, Yes. Long answer... mowing the grasses too short could result in trouble. Keep the mower blade as high as possible and you should be ok. The Prairie 3 plus mixture has buffalograss in it too, you could increase the amount of buffalograss and have a really nice turf path underfoot where you mow. Add buffalograss to the Prairie 7 mixture for the same effect.