Phleum pratense L.
Palatable and nutritious as hay or forage

Timothy - Timothy  - Timothy

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Height Range: 12 - 36 inches
Seeding Rate: Drilled: 10-12 Lbs. / Ac | Broadcast: 1 Lb. / 1,800 sq ft
Seeds Per Pound: 1200000

Timothy is used for pasture, silage, and mostly for hay. It is palatable and very nutritious. It is not very competitive with legumes making it a great grass to mix with a clover, alfalfa, or perhaps a trefoil. When grazing, timothy stands become weak under close and continuous grazing. Bulbets form in the spring at the same time the stem elongates, these bulbets contain food material and may be injured by the grazing and trampling of animals under poor grazing management. Timothy can be initially grazed before jointing, and again between early head to full head. Second and successive grazing should also occur before jointing and when basal sprouts appear at the soil surface. Do not graze below three inches. After the second cutting/grazing, growing points stay below the ground.

Timothy is a shorter lived, cool-season, perennial. It grows in clumps and has a shallow, compact root system.

Timothy thrives best in a cool and humid climate and on rich, moist bottomlands. It prefers a finer textured soil such as clay loam (it does not do well on coarser soils). It does not tolerate drought, or prolonged high temperatures very well. And, under limited moisture conditions, does not recover well. Timothy will grow for a time on low fertility soils, however, it is better adapted to a high fertility soil. It does not do well on wet, flat land where water stands for any sizable length of time.