Cool Season Pasture Mix

Economical pasture with high digestibility for all classes of livestock.

Cool Season Pasture Mix - Cool Season Pasture Mix  - Cool Season Pasture Mix

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Height Range: 8 - 24 inches
Seeding Rate: Broadcast: 18-20 Lbs / Ac | Drilled: 15 Lbs / Ac

This pasture mix is suitable for all classes of livestock. It is an economical mix that includes 6 grass varieties with high yields and improved forage quality.  Grasses included are: Intermediate Wheatgrass, Orchardgrass, Pubescent Wheatgrass, Meadow Bromegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Smooth Bromegrass, and Timothy.

These cool-season grasses produce best in spring and fall with cool temperatures and moisture. Value may be added to grazing acres by seeding one half of the pasture to this mixture and one half to a warm-season mixture. These separate pastures can be used in a rotation to provide high producing forage all season long. This mixture should be planted in early spring or late summer.