Pubescent Wheatgrass

Thinopyrum intermedium, barbulatum
High-nutrition pasture and hay grass.

Manska Pubescent Wheatgrass - Pubescent Wheatgrass  - Pubescent Wheatgrass

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Height Range: 24 - 36 inches
Seeding Rate: Drilled: 12-15 Lbs. / Ac | Broadcast: 1 Lb. / 1,800 sq ft
Seeds Per Pound: 95000

A cool-season, perennial, sod-forming grass that was developed and released because of its high nutritive value. The most common variety is Manska. Used for pasture and hay, Manska yields as well as any other pubescent or intermediate wheatgrass, and shows a 15 percent increase in rate of gain on yearling steers. 

Manska is adapted to a wide range of soils and climatic conditions, but should not be used in areas with under 14 inches of annual precipitation. Pubescent wheatgrass is of the intermediate wheatgrass family, and gets its name from the presence of short, stiff hairs on the seed and seed head. Because of its forage quality, it is now included in our Cool-season Pasture Mixture. It has good seedling vigor and can be spring or fall seeded.