Upland Game Bird Mixture

Provides Food and Cover

Upland Game Bird Mixture - Upland Game Bird Mixture  - Upland Game Bird Mixture

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Height Range: 48 - 60 inches
Seeding Rate: 30 lbs/ac (Broadcast), 20 lbs/ac (Drilled)

This mixture will provide food and cover for upland game birds with a variety of 7 annual grains and forbs. Food plots are most successful when placed near heavy cover and a water source. We suggest seeding this mix annually in spring next to a perennial native grass stand. Our Prairie 7 or Prairie 3 Plus prairie grass mixtures are suited to this purpose. The habitat and food value of this mixture will be available to upland birds in summer and through the winter months. Pheasants and Quail will find it irresistible along other birds and wildlife.

Best planted in early summer when soil temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees and warming and should not be planted within 75 days of the average first frost.

Species Included: Annual Sunflower (Peredovik), Buckwheat, Foxtail Millet, Oats, WGF Milo, White Proso Millet

Photo By: Dr Joseph Valks/FreeDigitalPhotos.net