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Seeding Rate: 2 lbs/1,000 sq ft
Seeds Per Pound: 32500

Building off the Season Finale cover crop mix, we also have Spring Rebound! This cover crop mix includes the same species found in the Season Finale, along with 3 additional species that will come back in spring: Rye Grain, Hairy Vetch, and Crimson Clover.  This cover crop mix suppresses weeds, scavenges nutrients, fixes nitrogen into the soil, and helps reduce soil compaction.  As fall approaches and gardening season comes to a close, using cover crops to improve soil quality is an excellent way to prepare your garden for the next growing season!

The over wintering species in the mix will require termination in spring, prior to garden seed planting.

The Buckwheat, Rye Grain, and Oats in this mix will provide weed suppression and scavenge nutrients. Buckwheat and flax have been shown to increase the amount of plant available phosphorus, while the fast-establishing Rye Grain can help with compaction and supressing weeds. The Rapeseed, Radish and Turnips also fight soil compaction and scavenge nitrogen in the soil. Hairy Vetch and Crimson clover are good soil builders and are an excellent source of Nitrogen. Each of the components included in this mix will also add organic matter to create a healthy, fertile soil. 

Species: Oats, Rye Grain, Hairy Vetch, Buckwheat, Radish, Flax, Purple-Top Turnips, Rapeseed, Crimson Clover